The Native & Contextual Platform

Contextual and reader-respectful ads for organisations that want to go straight to the heart of the matter. 

Natively delivered on relevant, brand-safe and premium environments.

Join now, be relevant.


Use Vertis Media to deliver native content across relevant top sites and generate engaged audiences via its contextual nature that only targets the right users.


Monetize your inventory in an uninterrupted and reader friendly way with quality content that is relevant and contextual to your editorial environment.


Accelerate customer engagement & acquisition

Custom Native Solutions

Vertis CreativeLab apply award-winning best practices in creating and distributing reader-respectful engaging formats led by industry insights and structured content strategies.

100% Viewable Ad Formats

Vertis ViewableAds™ guarantee your ads are 100% viewable…

Content your audience will love

Vertis Media delivers content advertising natively across premium relevant and contextual sites and apps focusing on the preferred channels your users already engage with.

AI-powered Contextual Intelligence 

Our technology enables brands to inspire and engage users as they browse the content they are interested in with highly targeted data driven advertising.

AI Powered Targeting

Our technology analyses content in real time and algorithmically deploys dynamic Ads that are contextually and natively delivered across relevant editorial contents.

Native Creation & Distribution

Our technology ensures that Ads are created and distributed matching the editorial environment of the publisher’s pages (font, colours, layout) to ‘natively’ appear integrated into relevant content.

Web, Mobile, Apps

Our native solutions are responsively delivered across any desktop and mobile device, automatically and dynamically.


Maximize your revenues

We love curated content

We have amazing campaigns which beautifully integrate within your content providing your users experiences that are completely free of intrusive ads.

Easy Integration & Clean Ads Only 

Engage your audience with high quality Ads. 100% Adsense compatible. 

Profitable Ad formats and Flexible Payouts 

Minimum payout from just £5. Unrivalled cross-platform solutions covering 100% of your web and mobile traffic.

Generate more revenues from your content.

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Easy And Quick Implementation

We provide the publishers with a custom tag, quick and easy to implement which integrates seamlessly into the site code or existing ad server.

Access Premium Global Demand

We deliver campaigns for premium brands in every country and work with major demand-side-platforms and Trading Desks.


Native Integration

Our native solutions seamlessly integrate into the look&feel of the site, guaranteeing that it is in keeping with its layout and editorial style.

AdSense Compatible

Our native formats fit any ad network and any monetization strategy. Increase your revenues with reader respectful  ad formats.

Real Time Control and Instant Reports

Publishers have access to a detailed dashboard to monitor campaigns, track performance, generate reports and check revenues.

Add Value to Your Content

Boost your content with reader- respectful, non intrusive and relevant ad formats which are highly targeted to your website or app audience.